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Finally, results obtained from ball mill circuit for "n" and "b" indicated that these parameters were equal to "n Ball Mill =80-87" and "b Ball Mill =0.84-1.1" at optimum condition. Ball Mill High Vibsamp Maintenance Forums. Ball mill high vibs. Observing high vibs on pressing and lifting pinion DE and NDE bearing on a ball mill. Motor and main ...

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specified since the expected 25 years life of the mill / kiln, the inching system would operate infrequently. Tables 1 and 2 summarize the expected number of starts and the total hours of operation for inching drives for mills. Event Installation Inspection Relining Warming/Cooling Hours 20 4 36 120 Frequency per year 1 52 1 4 Number of years 1 ...

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operational gear mesh misalignment. Refer to Figure 1. Background Different mills are used in the mineral processing and power generation industry. The work done in this article concentrates on horizontal rotating mills, i.e. ball mills, but the same would apply …

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resonance of the shaft lines of the ball mill at 10.8 Hz. This phenomen correspond o the excitation of a torsional natural frequency by the pinion / girth gear mesh frequency. This phenomenon is clearly identifiable on the torque and the instantaneous speed measurements when the gear mesh frequency is close to 10.8 Hz.

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A large part of the fatigue life is spent initiating cracks, whereas a shorter time is required for the cracks to propagate. Stress concentrations in the fillet often cause multiple crack origins, each producing separate cracks. In such cases, cracks propagate on different planes and may join to form a step, called a ratchet mark (Figure 2). 2.


Fig showing zoomed view of the 3rd gear mesh frequency with side bands of pinion speed 2.03 Hz on both sides of Gear mesh frequency (Pressing side pinion DE) Fig showing time data recorded on Pinion DE bearing along horizontal direction, data shows the phenomena of modulation


986 Figure 1. Flow sheet of a grinding plant Figure 2. Distribution of the mass inside the ball mill The total mass inside the ball mill in operation consists of the mass of a fresh raw materialmFM, which is fed into the ball mill shell, mass of material which is rejected from the air classifiermRM, and of the mass of grinding bodies, mGB, which in this case are the steel balls of various sizes.

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long. They are overflow discharge ball mills with inside diameters of 7315 mm [24 feet] and grinding lengths of 11887 mm [39 feet]. Each Ball mill is also driven by two 8,500 horsepower ABB motors. Figure 3 - The 24’ x 39.5’ ball mill Table 4, 5 and 6 include the technical data for the Copper Mountain ball mills. Table 4 - general ball mill ...


Pinion 18 teeth 1 x 2 x 3 x 3 Bull 226 teeth 1 x 2 x 113 (113 is prime). Thus, the factor common to both of these gears is 2 (improper set). Since we have a common factor other than one between the two gears on the ball mill we can expect to see the appearance of fractional gearmesh frequency and harmonics in our vibration data.

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gearbox is shown containing not only the toothmeshing frequency, but also its higher harmonics. Fig. 3. a) Deflection of gear teeth in mesh together with a simplified time history from a new gearbox b) Changes caused in the teeth profile caused by wear a) b) 1,. Pitch •I Aerio{J A Time -'--\-V+--+--tV--tv---. - Typical Gearmesh Waveform 870329 6

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Reply with quote. #1. I have an issue with a gear drive on a ball mill. 2XGM is rising and i have sidebands at 107cpm and I don't know why they are at 107 (not relevant to any turning speeds ect.) I checked the root clearance a week ago and the inboard is about a .066 smaller than the outboard. The pinion is 24" long and has 24 teeth.

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Axial Vibration Of Ball Mill Pinion. Frequency domain characterization of torque in tumbling ball mills Jan 1 2018 A methodology to evaluate ball mill filling level based on torque signal is in the torque transmission chain such as gears pinions and crowns of a gear is the oscillation frequency due to torsional vibration. View Details Send Enquiry

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I have a pulverizer that was vibrating at 1 ips measured at various bearings within the gearbox. This vibration appeared after the gearbox was overhauled. It is a double reduction gearbox. %99 of the vibration is occuring at 332 Hz, which corresponds to the gearmesh frequency of the first reduction. The 1x pinion speed sidebands are almost ...

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grinding mill Avoid catastrophic failures by finding problems early Issues that are not caught early can lead to breakdowns and unplanned downtime, significantly increasing repair costs and production losses. 1. Mill Visuals and Vitals Quickly catch visual failures, oil contamination and slurry leaks 2. Mill Mechanical Verification


The drive of the ball mill consists of an induction electric motor, two-stage gearbox and the pinion gear. This pinion gear is mated with the girth gear mounted on circumference of the ball mill shell and in that way it transfers the motion from the drive to the shell, see Figure 1, taken from [1]. Figure 1. Mechanical system of a ball mill ...

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(30kW, 1480rpm) running a pinion through a 6.1 reduction gearbox. The pinion has 32 teeth and is meshing with a 178 tooth ring gear attached to the driving roll of the section. The rotation of the rolls is rather slow (0.63Hz), which gives a gear mesh frequency at 112Hz.

1 2 time gearmesh frequency on ball mill pinion

1 2 time gearmesh frequency on ball mill pinion Graco DB2966 Husky 1590 1 1/2 Air Operated Double Shop Graco DB2966 at Applied which includes 1 1/2 Non Metallic Diaphragm Pump 1 1/2 ANSI Flange Inlet 1 1/2 ANSI Flange Outlet 100 gal/min Max Flow Wetted Parts Polypropylene Ball Santoprene Diaphragm Santoprene Seal Polypropylene.

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In this case I am seeing (30 T = 1 X 2 X 3 X 5) and (210 = 1 X 2 X 3 X 5 X 7) 2 X 3 X 5 as the common factor. Pinion 30 teeth and GG has 210 teeth. Will this create gear ratio issues uneven locking and releasing of 2 mating teeths. But no 1/2 or 1/3 or 1/5 GMF seen in the data. Anyone in the group has seen similar issue earlier.

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RETSCH is the world leading manufacturer of laboratory ball mills and offers the perfect product for each application. The High Energy Ball Mill E max and MM 500 were developed for grinding with the highest energy input. The innovative design of both, the mills and the grinding jars, allows for continuous grinding down to the nano range in the shortest amount of time - with only minor warming ...

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This means that the pinion is badly worn out and as the common factor teeth mesh they generate these fractional frequencies. It also means that the GMF and the natural frequency are not separated by 2.5 times. [The natural frequency in the horizontal direction = 28.5 Hz; natural frequency = 30.9 Hz; Gear Mesh Frequency = 60.6 Hz] Looking at the ...

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Ball mills on the other hand, as far as process requirements are concerned, did not require variable speed. However, frequency converter based drive systems provide benefits that improve the ball mill operation. FIXED SPEED CONFIGURATIONS The key issue to operate a mill …

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Based on the speed of the output shaft and the number of gear teeth given to us, the gearmesh frequency was 3494 Hz. Note in the spectrum plot in Figure 1, that there is a peak in the acceleration spectrum approximately at this frequency (3504 Hz). However, the major peak in the spectrum is at 4828 Hz, which is 1.38 times gearmesh frequency.

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A vibration survey was carried on this Ball Mill with a duel pinion drive. The vibration is high in all planes on both sides of the Mill or both pinion drives. The measurements were similar in velocity on the motor, gearbox and both pinion bearings. ... The causes of high vibration at gear mesh frequency of gear pair Z 1 /Z 2 are wear, backlash ...

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For a mill with more than 2.1 m (7′) diameter the total power is obtained by dividing net power by 0.85. The graph is based on 40% charge volume. Ball Mill Manufacturing Shell of steel plate quality B.S. En. 2 B arch welded, stress relieved and with machined flanges. If desired the shell can be provided with manholes.

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Ball Mill Pinion Vibration Analysis Machinery. I have an issue with a gear drive on a ball mill 2XGM is rising and i have sidebands at 107cpm and I dont know why they are at 107 not relevant to any turning speeds ect I checked the root clearance a week ago and the inboard is about a 066 smaller than the outboard The pinion is 24 long and has 24 teeth It is obvious i have there is obvious ...

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Mill Girth Gear High Vibration Problem Case Study. A case study has been conducted on the wear problem of a set of large helical gears of a ball mill used for cement production at the shiraz cement plant the ball mill has a nominal capacity of 80 t h −1 the overall diameter and length are respectively 4000 mm and 12990 mm the total weight of the ball mill when fully charged is about 280 t.

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Hi Observing high vibs on pressing and lifting pinion DE and NDE bearing on a ball mill. Motor and main GB drive are OK. Clear predominant gear mesh frequency is appearing in the spectrum along with harmonics and side bands. But 1st GMF is predominant. side bands with pinion speed is seen. no GG speed side band was observed Some of the vib data, spectrums and photos shown in the attachment.

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1 2 time gearmesh frequency on ball mill pinion; ... Feb 18 2021 Best Wet Grinder in India 1 Elgi Ultra 2 Litre Wet Grinder Since 1992 Elgi Utlra Ltd has been providing innovative and reliable kitchen appliances at affordable prices Quality sturdiness and aesthetically beautiful …


specifically to overcome the problem of operational gear mesh misalignment. Refer to Picture 1. Picture 1 Typical misalignment damage on a girth gear 2. Background Different mills are used in the mineral processing and power generation industry. The work done in this article concentrates on horizontal rotating mills i.e. ball mills, but the same

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Vibration applications Compressor Blower Sag mill and Ball mill motor, reducer and pinion Crusher motor inner/outer pinion shaft CHARACTERISTICS OF VIBRATION Amplitude Displacement Units are mils or microns(1 micron = 0.001mm or 0.039 mils. Velocity Units are in/sec or mm/sec Acceleration Units g. Where 1g=32.2ft/sec2 or 9.81. m/sec2. Spike ...

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